MICAIA® – Digital Pathology Image Analysis Software for Researchers

MICAIA® is the ideal digital pathology software for researchers to

  • view,
  • annotate,
  • process and
  • analyze

brightfield and fluorescent whole-slide-images or single images.

We offer two editions

  • MICAIA® lite – View, annotate and convert slides
  • MICAIA®  studio – including App Center with powerful image analysis apps


MICAIA®  is distributed by:

  • Smart in Media – intelligent software


In order to see the latest product changes please refer to MICAIA® Changelog

MICAIA® studio


Apps for AI-based image analysis

MICAIA® Feature List

Digital Pathology Scanner SDK

Highlights of the MICAIA® Digital Pathology Software

  • Native Windows Software
    • No uploading of slides into the cloud required. Your data stays in safe hands – in yours!
  • No Admin Rights required
    • MICAIA® lite Portable does not need to be installed and therefore needs no admin rights
  • Open Pathology
    • MICAIA® supports many pyramidal and flat image formats. Slides can be converted into popular formats like SVS or DeepZoom. Annotations can be exported and imported from popular formats. Round trips are supported. The free tiling app lets you export the raw pixel data into image patches.
  • Safe Annotations
    • While annotating, your work will be frequently auto-saved. In case of a computer crash, the last auto-save can be recovered
  • Simple yet powerful
    • We fight hard to keep the software simple and intuitive by exposing only those buttons and options that are absolutely necessary. 
  • App Center
    • Image analysis apps are bundled in a central app center, so you can easily find the right app for you.
  • Image 2 Spreadsheet
    • MICAIA® enables quantitative pathology. Analysis apps will not only produce and visualize annotations and slide-level results but also let you export the data into a CSV file structured in a way that you can seamlessly import it into your favorite statistics program. 
  • Batch Processing
    • You can compose a workspace by selecting multiple local folders or network shares that will be monitored. Contained slides can be multi-selected and batch-analyzed or batch-converted 
  • Annotate Efficiently
    • MICAIA® offers tools beyond the standard rectangle, ellipse, polygon or line such as the margin tool, pen tool, emoji tool, single click hotspot tool, brush/eraser tool or content aware magic brush tool. Many of the tools support navigation so that an annotation can stretch beyond the current field-of-view. 
  • Create Datasets
    • We designed the annotation system to seamlessly support hundreds or thousands of annotations, organized into classes and custom stylable. You can export annotations into other formats or as images using the free Annotation-to-Image app. 
  • Touch-ready
    • MICAIA® supports drawing annotations with pen and navigating (scaling, rotation, panning) with gestures


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April 16 -19, Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, Florida)

AACR Annual Meeting 2023 of the American Association for Cancer Research


AI-based image analysis in microscopy made easy - with our versatile MICAIA® Image Analysis Suite and Digital Pathology Services! 


We look forward to seeing you at our booth 1663!

June 14 - 17, Budapest

19th European Congress on Digital Pathology


Check out the latest features of the MICAIA® Image Analysis Suite and our Digital Pathology Services!


We look forward to seeing you at our booth!


Volker Bruns with ChatGPT on Digital Pathology

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