MICAIA® – Step up your Digital Pathology Research

MICAIA® is the ideal software for preclinical and clinical research – precisely tailored to the requirements and specific research questions of histopathology:

  • Annotation of whole slide images, in brightfield or fluorescence.
  • Efficient analysis of more data – for objective and quantitative results.
  • Image-to-Excel functionality for quantitative pathology.
  • "Off the Shelf" apps for standard use cases as well as flexible extension options for individual use cases.
  • Ideal for standard pathology (H&E), immunohistochemistry, and proteomics/patial biology (mIF).

You can find several use cases from our app portfolio in the Application Notes of MICAIA® University.

MICAIA® is available in two versions

  • MICAIA® lite – viewing, annotating, and converting slides: The free basic model offers numerous features. Download now.
  • MICAIA® studio – offers an App Center with robust image analysis apps and enables the creation and integration of custom AIs, all at a highly competitive price.

You already have MICAIA® lite and want to switch to MICAIA® studio? The upgrade to MICAIA® studio is easily done by importing a license file.

For more information about the apps and functionalities, please download our MICAIA® brochure and the MICAIA® Feature List.

The latest software changes are documented in the MICAIA® Changelog.

MICAIA® is distributed by:

  • Smart In Media – The Pathologist's Company
  • Benestar Tech


You can discover the use of the apps in exemplary medical use cases in the App Notes in our blog SMART SENSING insights.

MICAIA® – Modules

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Quantitative image and video analysis as a service


Contract Development for Medical Image Analysis

We offer a wide range of application and customer-specific solutions and services.




MICAIA® University

The central MICAIA® Learning Hub - with Tutorials, App Notes & Case Studies