Further education and training courses – a selection

Engineering of Adaptive Systems

“Webinar Wednesday”: virtual courses on up-to-date topics such as:

  • IC Reliability – an Overview
  • SystemVerilog for Verification
  • On the way to the smart factory – wireless real-time connectivity in manufacturing
  • AI in production engineering – how to mastermind successful application
  • AI basic training and AI intensive training

Audio and Media Technologies

  • Digital Media Weekly Specials: informative interviews on the latest topics from the Digital Media business area
  • Further education and training from the KISS project, such as “Optimization and deployment of deep neural networks on heterogeneous systems” or “Compression of deep neural networks”
  • MPEG-H audio webinar series in Brazil: advanced modules and live presentations
  • AES workshops and webinars on MPEG-H audio production
  • MPEG-H webinar at the German Association for Audio Professionals (VDT)
  • Colloquium series: Virtual LiVe – virtualization of live events through audiovisual immersion

Development Center X-ray Technology

  • ISAR expert workshop in person for customers
    of ISAR tire testing software

Positioning and Networks

  • Webinar on 5G Bavaria Industry 4.0 test bed
  • NIK event series “5G Dialog” as part of 5G Bavaria initiative: 5G in industrial communication – technologies and application scenarios
  • Fraunhofer IIS Technology Compass: presentation of positioning and networking technologies, AI and energy systems
  • IT security in wireless communication systems

Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services

  •  “Digital Transformation” knowledge snacks: e-learning webinars in cooperation with High-Performance Center Electronic Systems (LZE)
  • “Leading Digital Transformation”: training program for managers in cooperation with the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • Knowledge Snacks »Digitale Transformation«: E-Learning-Webinare in Kooperation mit dem Leistungszentrum Elektroniksysteme (LZE)
  • »Leading Digital Transformation«: Schulungsprogramm für Führungskräfte in Kooperation mit dem Indian Institute of Management Bangalore und der FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Master’s in logistics and SCM: master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at European Distance Learning University in Hamburg (Euro-FH Hamburg)
  • SME 4.0 training courses:
    • initiative of SME 4.0 Competence Center Augsburg with focus on “Digital
      Business Models” for SMEs
    • SME 4.0 Mobile: exhibition room on wheels with Industry 4.0 demonstrators
  • “LEAN LOGISTICS” training series in cooperation with industrial partner
    “trilogIQa – change to lean” with interactive educational games and business management simulations

Fraunhofer Vision

Seminars with application consulting, such as:

  • “Quality assurance with industrial X-ray technology”
  • “Optical 3D measurement technology for quality assurance in production”