5G Positioning in Smart City

Increasing urbanization worldwide and the growing volume of traffic require flexible traffic and environmental concepts. 5G can contribute to this by interconnecting millions of sensors to collect environmental data. Besides, 5G-support autonomous vehicles and drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV) in passenger and freight transport tasks through communication and positioning functions. Additionally, this enables new concepts of the Sharing Economy through the positioning of bicycles and cars.


Improved Traffic Flow

The growing volume of traffic in cities is increasingly causing slower traffic flow and traffic jams. By connecting road users and infrastructure via 5G in near real-time, an efficient and flexible traffic flow can be achieved.


Autonomous Driving

The future of autonomous driving depends on the reliable interconnection of vehicles and their highly accurate positioning. With its planned positioning features, 5G can gradually contribute to the realisation of autonomous driving.


Drones for Parcel Logistics

The use of drones in logistics can help to relieve traffic, especially in cities, and ensure the timely delivery of critical goods, e.g. medicines. 5G can help with its communication and positioning capabilities.


Modern Mobility Concepts

For locals and tourists in a city, there are many possibilities for mobility - public transport, walking, car or bike sharing. Thanks to its positioning features, 5G can contribute to flexible and transparent mobility.


Digital Construction Site

A major motivation for the digitisation of construction projects is the maintenance of cost, deadline and quality targets. 5G offers the possibility to use digital infrastructure during the project implementation, which is currently only available in the offices of the participating companies.


Mobile Environmental Sensors

Increased traffic volumes in cities carry the risk of ever-increasing air pollution. 5G can help to measure breathing air distributed in urban areas, analyse it in real time and initiate appropriate countermeasures if thresholds are exceeded.


5G applications for the digitization of construction processes

In the Smart Construction-Project, 5G applications for the digitization of construction processes are being tested on a real construction site.


Let´s connect!

On September 29, 2022 the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS was hosting the first 5G Connect. Get more insights into the event and impressions.