Networking and identification technologies

The technologies from the business field networks and identification build the basis for many Industry 4.0 and IoT applications. Solutions from smart objects to cyber-physical systems are part of the extensive technology and system offerings.


s-net® - wireless networking technology

Our solutions for self-organized, bi-directional, multi-hop communication with positioning enable wireless-based applications such as wireless asset management, local process control in production, locating people, monitoring logistics chains, and Smart City applications.  


MIOTY® - My Internet of Things

For large-scale data transmission, we offer MIOTY®, robust, wireless IoT technology that is setting new standards with regard to cost efficiency, transmission security (with coverage up to 15 kilometers), and battery life. It is used to monitor large production facilities and entire city districts, for example.


RFID - radio frequency identification

We evaluate RFID systems in special fields of application, e.g. metallic environments, and perform reliability tests using state-of-the-art measurement technology. We also develop complete RFID systems or subsystems.