High-resolution computed tomography

In many instances, the internal structure of a material defines its functionality. Making the microstructure of smaller objects visible requires a precise nondestructive inspection method.

Fraunhofer EZRT boasts a wide selection of high-resolution x-ray systems that were developed for a variety of applications. This highly diverse spectrum of systems allows us to tackle nearly any task that demands precise x-ray images.

All of these systems work on the principle of keeping the focal point of the x-ray source as small as possible. The size of the focal point is key to achieving maximum enlargement and thus optimal system resolution. Substantial enlargements place extreme demands on the thermal and mechanical stability of the entire system.

Advantages and customer value

  • Visualization and analysis of microstructures (0.8 µm - 10 µm)
  • Process monitoring during the production of microstructures such as GFRP/CFRP
  • Linking of the object properties with the internal structure
  • Organic materials analysis (xylem architecture)
  • Defects analysis (blow holes, pores, cracks, delaminations)