5G at Fraunhofer IIS

September 13, 2022 | Interview with Bernhard Niemann and Thomas von der Grün

What makes Fraunhofer IIS unique in the field of 5G?

The services offered by 5G Bavaria at Fraunhofer IIS range from training and consulting on the use of 5G to feasibility and technology studies, research and development, and the prototypical implementation of 5G use cases. For example, Fraunhofer IIS was able to demonstrate the world’s first indoor localization with 5G and integration of satellite communication into 5G with partners. 5G Bavaria at Fraunhofer IIS has thus become a nationally and internationally recognized point of contact for industry and a competence center for 5G technologies and their application.

Why is 5G Bavaria a decisive factor for 5G in Bavaria?

5G Bavaria set itself the mission of closing the gap between research and application. Over the past four years, this mission has been successfully implemented. With the 5G Bavaria test center, the Industry 4.0 test bed and the automotive test bed, it has created a unique combination for research, standardization and realistic applications.

How does Fraunhofer IIS specifically help companies reach the decision to use 5G?

Today’s decision-makers are faced with the task of finding out about current technological developments and examining which technologies make sense. Fraunhofer IIS is ready to offer them advice and answer any questions they may have. The benefits of modern mobile communications technologies are just beginning to be experienced in everyday life in the form of autonomous vehicles, smart homes and smart cities, smart health, Industry 4.0 and digital supply chains. A fusion of AI, ML, cloud and 5G helps optimize and improve processes. There is a growing gap between companies that use new technologies and companies with processes organized along traditional lines. Our offering helps close this gap in very specific ways.

What pioneering steps is Fraunhofer taking toward 6G?

Fraunhofer IIS has a voice in determining the future path not only for 5G but also for 6G. In 6G, we focus on the socially important issue of sustainability and technological visions for business in the area of terahertz frequencies, 3CLS, new network architectures, artificial intelligence and intelligent surfaces.

What makes 5G Connect unique?

The use of new mobile technologies represents an important strategic means for companies to increase their transparency, efficiency and resilience. 5G Connect is the first time we have gathered so many 5G applications in one place. The spectrum at 5G Connect ranges from localization and communication to security. At 5G Connect, you can learn more about 5G and the 5G Bavaria initiative to ensure your company has integrated this technology into its roadmaps and strategies.

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5G at Fraunhofer IIS

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