Locating and Communication Systems

More than 20 Years of Expertise

For more than 20 years HF and SatCom Systems, positioning and wireless communication have been core areas of expertise at Fraunhofer IIS. Our developments in these areas are the basis for numerous trends currently dominating the research landscape. Our highly qualified and experienced team of almost 50 scientists has convinced numerous small, medium and large scale businesses which now benefit from our knowledge and innovative power. We are your contact point to a large network of research organizations, associations and industry and we support our customers through the entire process chain from product conception to the final product. Our research and development focus is on the areas antennas, wireless communication and positioning. Application areas are logistics, production, safety and automotive engineering, sports and recreation, as well as media and medical technology and many more.


Technologies are the expert knowledge, procedures and methods derived from previous projects, which are applied in current and future projects and products.


Many of our technologies result in new and innovative products. All technologies can be purchased directly with us or with selected distribution partners.


The choice is yours: We offer technological consulting, independent tests and measurements or full product development. Collaboration with Fraunhofer IIS is individually tailored to suit our customer’s objectives. We provide expert advice based on technical and economic analyses, in-depth feasibility studies, research and development contracts and partnerships, as well as licensing possibilities, services like independent tests and measurements, as well as various basic technologies for integrated circuits.

Our portfolio of products and services is divided into three basic categories:


The following gives a brief introduction to all basic technologies available for customer R&D projects.


Being the centerpiece of wireless communication technology, the antenna is essential to ensure feasible performance and quality of radio systems. Tailored to fit your specific requirements, our antennas guarantee the highest level of precision and reliability. We offer decades of experience, expertise and innovative power and support our customers with state-of-the-art simulation tools including our in-house anechoic chamber.

Radio communication

Our portfolio in radio communication covers the entire spectrum from narrow-band data transmission to digital radio. Main areas are the design and development of radio nodes, radio receivers, satellite communication modules, as well as software defined radio.

Focus is given to:

Base technologies:

Wireless Locating

Key topics in the area radio positioning are the design and development of new positioning and localisation systems. Applications can be extremely different by nature, like the positioning of fork lifts in warehouses, of soccer players on the flied, or of security personnel on company premises, as well as many other areas:



Many of our technologies are translated into innovative products, demonstrators or patents, which are available either from us or from selected distributors.

Synergies from a wide range of R&D partnerships with industry and from government-funded projects help Fraunhofer IIS expand and reinforce its expertise. Knowledge gained in connection with new technologies and patents leads to further projects, enabling constant progress. Based on their respective development status, all technologies evolved are assigned a technology readiness level (TRL) by the Departments of Wireless Locating and Communication Systems and of RF Engineering. Technologies are rated on a scale from 1 (basic principle) to 9 (successful operation) as defined by ESA. Demonstrators reach a TRL of up to 6, with anything rated higher classified as a product. Knowledge derived from creating a demonstrator or product can be utilized for future projects or commercialized through technology licensing.