GNSS Antennas

A lot of applications in positioning, surveying and navigation with global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) have a strong need for reliably available and extremely precise positioning data. In such cases the quality of the deployed antennas is crucial. The technological challenge is to find a solution that satisfies all requirements in terms of accuracy and reliability but at the same time can be produced at reasonable cost.

Fraunhofer IIS develops antenna concepts which unite highest quality standards with light and robust construction.

Licensable antenna designs

Our antenna concepts can be individually customized. We tailor our antenna solutions to customer-specific usage scenarios, and ensure seamless transition to volume production. Moreover, we use professional reference systems and specialized emulation and measurement equipment to verify implemented solutions.

Our GNSS antennas are suitable for various applications and different environmental conditions, e. g., positioning, surveying in agriculture and forestry, cadastral surveying, control systems for construction and agricultural machinery, GNSS monitoring systems, Galileo PRS, aviation and space applications as well as marine and land navigation.

GNSS antennas for various applications


CubeSat Antenna

For in-orbit positioning of CubeSats


Radio Occultation Antenna Array "ROAA"

Antenna array for atmosphere measurements


Space User GNSS
Antenna "SUGA"

GNSS antenna for in-orbit position determination of telecommunication satellites in geostationary orbit


Six-Element GNSS
Antenna Array

Active six-element antenna array for robust GNSS applications, e.g., digital beamforming and null-steering


Two-Element GNSS
Antenna Array

Active two-element antenna array for robust GNSS applications, e.g., digital beamforming and null-steering


"Milant" GNSS Antenna

Active compact GNSS antenna for military and public safety applications



Active Dual Circularly Polarized GNSS Antenna (DCP GNSSA) for spoofing-resistant timing receivers used in critical infrastructures

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Antenna technology

Broad range of smart antenna systems with minimum form factors


Antenna measurement hall

Testing and measurement services for virtually all antenna types in the 700 MHz to 43 GHz range