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Digital Pathology

MICAIA® – Microscopy Image Analysis Apps

We integrate our image analysis "apps" into our MICAIA® software platform.


Whole Slide Cartography

Colorectal cancer detection and tissue classification


Tumor Budding

Automatic scoring of tumor buds


Quality Control

PathoScan – Quality control on overview



Analysis of Fluorescence Microscopy Images for Life Science Research



DigImmune – Coexpression analysis in bright field using serial sections


Single Cell Detection

Single cell tumor detection in lymph nodes


AI in Digital Pathology

Robustness and Explainability

MICAIA®consists of:

  • Virtual Microscopy Viewer
    • Designed for high throughput creation
    • Developed for pyramidal (gigapixel) brightfield and fluorescent whole-slide-images
    • Support for z-Layers (allows for interactive refocusing)
    • Synchronized grid view of up to 4x4 slides
    • Support of multiple scan areas per slide
    • Powerful annotation system
    • skinnable and customizable UI
  • App-Center for image analysis apps 
    • Results can be visualized live
    • Brightfield and fluorescence
    • Analysis of either ROI, Field of View or Whole Slide
    • Batch-analysis of multiple slides
    • Accommodates both AI or “classical” machine vision
  • Extensible WSI format
    • Support for GPU-accelerated encoding
    • JPEG2000, JPEG or other compression formats
    • “Sparsely” scanned slides do not have to be “filled” to a rectangular area
    • Tiles can be arbitrarily positioned and overlap each other – no predefined grid layout

We offer C++ or .NET language bindings for our MICAIA®-platform. The MICAIA® viewer can be licensed as a re-branded turn-key ready-to-install solution.