Magnetic Resonance

Magnetic resonance in use

Magnetic Resonance is one of the standard imaging techniques in medicine. The most used clinical devices have either a magnetic field strength of 1.5 Tesla (T) or 3.0 T.

For our research work, we use various magnetic field strength starting with the low magnetic earth field and ending with 17.6 T. All of our MR devices have standard measurement sequences for routine applications. For special tasks, we adapt the measurement sequences and/or hardware.

Figure 1: from left to right, 0.5 T tabletop device for the laboratory, 3.0 T clinical MRI, and 17.6 T ultrahigh-field magnet.

Based on your measurement order, we select the appropriate device from our versatile equipment (Equipment I, Equipment II).

Our hardware developers respond to special customer requests and adapt magnets and coils to the given conditions.

Applications we have already implemented include topics from medicine, material science and non-destructive testing. The versatility of MR is demonstrated by the following examples: