High-tech hospital beds to fight bedsores

A 3D model of the smart adaptive mattress.
© Ergo-Tec

A 3D model of the smart adaptive mattress.

Adaptive mattress prevents pressure ulcers in bedridden patients.

Changing the position of bedridden patients requires a great deal of time and effort on the part of nursing staff and caregivers. In Germany alone, some 400,000 people suffer from pressure ulcers or bedsores, each year. Bedsores develop after a short period in patients with insufficient mobility. The smart hospital bed, developed in cooperation with five partners and unveiled at MEDICA 2016, detects the patient’s current position and suggests a new one chosen to relieve pressure. Once the suggestion is approved by nursing staff, it can be automatically implemented by actuators built into the mattress that act as sensors to detect pressure distribution.

Information on the shift and the new pressure distribution is shown on a bedside display and can be directly added to the patient’s medical records. Evaluation of the smart bed has already begun, with initial measurements conducted by project partner DRK Soziale Dienste Baden-Baden gGmbH.

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