Audience award for film on Josephs®

A scene from “JOCO 2034”.

Vision of the future painted in “JOCO 2034” wins over audience at science film festival.

The film “JOCO 2034”, set in the year 2034, features “historical footage” of the real JOSEPHS© from 2014, and fictional statements by employees and companies to mark the 20th anniversary of its foundation. In 2034, JOSEPHS© institutions have become commonplace. Looking back 20 years, the characters in the film recall how clients barely had a say in how things were done, and companies developed products and services with no consumer involvement, with a mixture of amusement and astonishment.

The real JOSEPHS© - The Service Manufactory is a business in the center of Nürnberg run by the Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS in cooperation with the FriedrichAlexander University Erlangen- Nürnberg. Since 2014, it has offered visitors the opportunity to be actively involved in the development, implementation, and marketing of concepts over the course of three-month test cycles. “JOCO 2034” was nominated for the Foresight Film Festival in Halle (Saale), and went on to win the audience award in the category “The Future is Open Space” on June 30, 2016. The Foresight Film Festival is a science vision festival funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research with the aim of uncovering trends and social challenges, and is a pool of ideas for future projects and research.

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JOCO 2034

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