EACR Annual Congress 2024

Medical Image Analysis

Fraunhofer IIS’s biomedical image analysis division exhibits their computational pathology & spatial biology solution MIKAIA® as well as their preclinical CRO & pharma services. MIKAIA contains off-the-shelf apps (HE, IHC, mIF) and can be extended using the interactive AI Author or the “plug in your own AI” API.


AI-based Image Analysis with MIKAIA®

Digital pathology image analysis software for researchers


Contract Research and Development  

We are your development partner for medical image analysis – please contact us.



Pharma Services

Research and development in quantitative bio image analysis, specifically in microscopy and endoscopy.


Personalized Tumor Therapy

We are your partner for the design of biomarker and preclinical studies, the development of customized liquid biopsy solutions for companion diagnostics, and the preclinical efficacy testing of compounds in relevant patient-derived models.


Contract R&D and Services

From the molecular analysis to the development of novel anti-cancer compounds – we help to accelerate your research.


PEDRA: Platform for Ex-Vivo Drug Response Assays

Your benefits:

  • Relevant – We recruit the right patients for you.
  • Direct – Safe time and costs by our ex vivo assays.
  • Fast – Obtain highly relevant data in 1 – 3 weeks.
  • Adaptable – From high-throughput to in depth analysis.
  • Translatable – Integration with clinical data.