Mixed-Signal ASIC Design with ams Hitkit 4.14

Course Objectives

A three day intensive course on mixed-signal design methodology based on semi-conductor technology of the Austrian foundry ams

The aim of this course is to enable designers of high performance integrated circuits:

  • to understand the design methodology for complex mixed-signal ICs
  • to gain insight into the design flow implemented in the ams hitkit 4.14 (aC18)

Course contents:

  • Design flow for digital, analog and mixed-signal designs
  • Front-end design, layout generation, back-annotation and verification
  • Interface to test
  • Technology information and MPW submission for ams aC18/aH18

The examples given are based on 0.18 micron CMOS technology and Cadence 6.1.6 and all design steps can be practiced on workstations. Documentation provided on the course will greatly assist with the design of ICs.

Course Details

Day 1 - Digital Design Flow

  • Hitkit introduction and Technologies
  • Digital Functional Simulation, Synthesis
  • Timing Calculation & Gate Level Simulation
  • Digital Modelling, Synthesis, Simulation
  • Digital Standard Cell Place & Route, Back-Annotation

Day 2 - Analog Design Flow

  • Technology information for ams aC18/aH18
  • aC18 Analog Design Flow
  • Analog Simulation, Devices & Callback
  • Corner & Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Analog Layout Generation
  • Post Layout Simulation

Day 3 - Mixed-Signal Design Flow

  • PCells, DRC, LVS, Parasitic Extraction
  • Mixed-Signal Design Flow
  • Technology information for ams aC18/H18 users

Course Participants

  • Industrial Design and Project Engineers who plan to design mixed-signal ASICs with ams hitkit based on Cadence software
  • Analog Design Engineers who have already designed integrated circuits and want to use ams technologies
  • Digital Designers who need to integrate some analog functionality in their designs
  • Mixed-Signal Design Engineers.

Course participants should be familiar with circuit and IC design. Familiarity with Cadence design tools would very helpful.

Course Language



September 26 - 28, 2017


For EUROPRACTICE members: 250 Euro

For non-members: 500 Euro


Fraunhofer IIS, Am Wolfsmantel 33, 91058 Erlangen, Germany

How to find us


Europractice members please register at www.europractice\training.

Non-members please use the registration form.

Registration Deadline:  September 15, 2017

The number of participants is limited.

For more information and details please contact virtual-aisc@iis.fraunhofer.de

Download ams Hitkit 4.1. training, September 26-28, 2017