Anonymous Video Analytics for Retail and Digital Signage

Customer analysis at the point of sale with the AVARD system

Shopper insights: understand your customers and target groups


70% of all purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. Our AVARD system helps you get valuable information on your customers’ purchase behavior at the shelf or in specific product groups. The system delivers statistics on purchasing behavior, purchaser composition, and customer satisfaction in real time. At the heart of AVARD is SHORE®, a software solution for anonymous facial recognition that can estimate the age, gender, and facial expressions of individuals and groups.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Gain insights into how shoppers behave at the POS, reliably and in real time
  • Identify your target customers to set up a product assortment that appeals to them
  • Boost customer frequency and conversion rate


Digital signage in stationary retail


Analysing the effectiveness of digital signage and displays in stores, in shopwindows, or in pedestrian zones can make all the difference for the success of your campaign or product placement. Our AVARD system gives you the information you need to stay competitive.


Higher customer satisfaction means higher sales! Contact us to learn more about AVARD.



AVARD – Anonymous Video Analytics for Retail and Digital Signage

Press release

Anonymous Video Analysis with AVARD

Privacy by Design

The report published on June 8th 2017 by the Bavarian Data Protection Authority for the Private Sector (BayLDA) confirms that the AVARD system doesn’t process personal data but only anonymous data. Thus, AVARD ensures the compliance with data protection laws at 100%.


For more data protection

In October 2017 AVARD has successfully passed a recertification audit to verify compliance with German or European data protection legislation.