Face Detection Software SHORE®: Fast, Reliable and Real-time Capable

Pioneering Image Analysis

The software library SHORE® allows for the quick detection of faces in image sequences and videos. It can estimate gender, age and facial expressions.

Your benefits at a glance:

Face detection and Analysis

  • Real time detection of faces
  • Real time detection of facial features like eyes and mouth and their state (open/closed)
  • Estimation of gender and age
  • Estimates four facial expressions: happy, sad, surprised, angry

Technical Key Features

  • Works offline: no internet connection required
  • Runs on standard platforms as well as mobile devices
  • Very low hardware requirements
  • Privacy by Design

Various Application Areas

  • Market research
  • Cognitive robotics
  • Health Support
  • Automotive
  • And many more

An extension of SHORE® consisting of a camera-based pulse recognition is currently being tested.

SHORE® Performance Benchmarks

The detection rates of SHORE®:  

Feature Performance Reference
Frontal facial recognition 91.5 percent detection rate with a 1 in 10 miss rate CMU+MIT database
Gender detection
94.3 percent detection rate BioID database
Age estimation
6.85 mean deviation in years 
FG-NET database


The following table shows the processing speed for various configurations ( Intel Core 2 Duo 6420 using 1 core, BioID database, 384 x 286 pixels):

Activated Features Config. 1 Config. 2 Config. 3 Config. 4
Facial recognition
Fine eye search
Gender detection
Analysis of four facial expressions      
Time per image [ms]   9.4  19.3  19.9  22.0
Images per second [fps]  107.5  51.8 50.3 45.5

Privacy by Design

The report published on June 8th 2017 by the Bavarian Data Protection Authority for the Private Sector (BayLDA) confirms that the AVARD system doesn’t process personal data but only anonymous data. Thus, AVARD ensures the compliance with data protection laws at 100%.


For more data protection

In October 2017 the AVARD system has successfully passed a recertification audit to verify compliance with German or European data protection legislation.



Data protection with the SHORE® image analysis software

The software complies with the German General Data Protection Regulation – Interview with Jens Garbas



SHORE® – Pioneering Facial Analysis


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