Facial Recognition Software SHORE®: Fast, Reliable and Real-time Capable

Pioneering Image Analysis

The software library SHORE® allows for the quick detection of faces in image sequences and videos. It can estimate gender, age and facial expressions.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Recognition of faces and facial parts in real-time
  • Gender and age estimation
  • The software runs on standard platforms as well as mobile devices
  • Various application areas, e.g market research, cognitive robotics and health support

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The recognition rates of SHORE™:  

Feature Performance Reference
Frontal facial recognition 91.5 percent detection rate with a 1 in 10 miss rate CMU+MIT database
Gender detection
94.3 percent detection rate BioID database
Age estimation
6.85 mean deviation in years 
FG-NET database


The following table shows the processing speed for various configurations ( Intel Core 2 Duo 6420 using 1 core, BioID database, 384 x 286 pixels):

Activated Features Config. 1 Config. 2 Config. 3 Config. 4
Facial recognition
Fine eye search
Gender detection
Analysis of four facial expressions      
Time per image [ms]   9.4  19.3  19.9  22.0
Images per second [fps]  107.5  51.8 50.3 45.5


SHORE™ – Pioneering Facial Analysis


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