Broadband and Broadcast Department

Broadband and Broadcast

Our activities revolve around the design, specification and implementation of wireless and wired high-speed communication and broadcasting systems. Our expertise extends to the lower three levels of the OSI Model, with a focus on the physical layer. This allows us to meet the transmission requirements associated with specific application scenarios.

We are knowledgeable about all stages of the signal processing chain, from air interface to application software. Our experts have all the skills involved in system development and are particularly well versed in information theory, channel measurement and modeling, software defined radio, FPGA design and system integration.

We offer solutions relating to all steps of the product development process, from initial concept to finished product. Our services range from feasibility analysis and system specification to the provision of technology demonstrators or professional test equipment to the creation of turnkey commercial systems.

Areas of Interest

The deparment Broadband and Broadcast operates research at these areas of interest.