Integrated Sensor Systems


Integrated Sensor Systems

Fraunhofer IIS possesses extensive sensor systems expertise in the areas of magnetic field, image, current, optical, signal and positioning sensors.


Sensor Systems in Automation

Sensors are used in industrial automation in conjunction with condition monitoring systems to obtain information allowing the early detection of wear in components such as motors and bearings. Fraunhofer IIS offers a predictive approach to condition monitoring. Another useful technology for automation solutions is wireless communication, which allows sensors to be integrated in a data network or additional sensors and actuators to be connected to an existing system.


Energy Harvesting

If batteries are not enough, sonsors can receive the neccessary energy from our surrounding, e.g. from light, temperature difference or vibrations. The Fraunhofer IIS offers a wide range of Energy Harvesting technologies for energy autarcic, maintenance-free and wireless systems.


Object and Status Classification

How can existing localization solutions be improved? Are there ways to improve vehicle traffic safety? Where is my machinery at the moment? To what extent can I document the work flow with respect to quality assurance? Over the course of examining these issues, Fraunhofer IIS developed algorithms that provide answers to these and other questions by classifying various statuses.


Wireless Sensor Networks

How well sensor systems perform largely depends on failsafe communication between sensors. Fraunhofer IIS has many years of experience in developing communication solutions that are smart, energy-saving, and also robust.