Medical Sensors and Analytics

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Medical Sensors and Analytics

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AI-based Biosignal Analysis

Medical Sensors and Analytics

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Medical Sensors and Analysis of Physiological Parameters

Digitization and telemedicine place new demands on medical technology systems. These must be tailored to the needs of the individual customer or patient. The prerequisite for this is a thorough understanding of the challenges of tomorrow and our customers' requirements.

Here is an overview of our medical technology solutions:

  • Miniaturized, intelligent sensor units with onboard signal processing
  • Standardized medical communication protocols
  • Development and validation of textile-integrated sensors for medicine, sport, leisure and automotive and algorithms for biosignal analysis
  • Control systems for in vitro diagnostic equipment
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Medical Sensors and Analytics – Our Main Subjects



We offer individual development services for biosignal analysis and integrated sensors.


AI-based Biosignal Analysis

In order for data to be usable, it must be evaluated intelligently and adapted to the target group.



Point-of-Care-Devices for fast diagnosis

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Integrated vital sensors

Adaptation and integration of sensor systems for specific target groups and application scenarios


Independent Validation of Measured Values ​​and Parameters

Affective Sensing

Networked Sensors to Improve Quality of Life and Healthcare

Medical Sensors and Analytics – Your Development Partner

CardioTEXTIL – Textile multi-channel ECG for mobile use

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Energy-efficient AI System

Fraunhofer participates in Germany’s Sprunginnovationen competition with the ADELIA project

Hot Topic: Machine Learning

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