Quantitative Microscopy

Quantitative Microscopy

Quantitative Microscopy

Quantitative Microscopy

We have a long history in the quantitative evaluation of microscopic images. The first step, though, is to digitize the samples into a Whole Slide Image (WSI). iSTIX® is our low-budget solution for manual Whole-Slide-Imaging. It upgrades your microscope into a scanner.  


For the analysis we employ

  • “classical” algorithms
  • and increasingly more often AI-based Deep Learning methods.


Usually we cooperate with clinical partners.

  1. We jointly view sample images and let our partners explain to us the biological backgrounds as well as the research questions
  2. We then translate the research question into an image analysis problem and design a first algorithm
  3. We jointly discuss and fine-tune the solution, often in multiple iterations


During the process, we can leverage our high end infrastructure:

  • On-Site Deep Learning Cluster with 72x NVIDIA P100 and 16x P40 GPUs
  • On-Site CPU Cluster with 864 Cores
  • ZEISS Axio Scan.Z1 Slide Scanner for Brightfield and Fluorescence
  • ZEISS Axio Imager 2 Mikroscope for Brightfield and Fluorescence
  • PreciPoint M8 microscope
  • Our SCube® Scanning Platform with support for z-Stacks and high resolution immersion microscopy

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