Digital Pathology

Digital Pathology and Computer Assisted Microscopy | SCube® – Microscopy Scanning Platform | Development Services for Software and System Components

Digital Pathology and Computer Assisted Microscopy

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS conducts applied research and development activities on behalf of industry and the public sector. Through contract research we develop software, microelectronic circuits, equipment and systems and complete industrial systems used in microelectronic and information and communication technology applications.

In the area of “Digital Pathology“ which is part of the business field “Medical Image Analysis and Machine Learning", Fraunhofer IIS researches and develops components, systems and services for applications such as:

  • Slide scanning and image analysis
  • Tissue and cell characterization
  • Digital pathology
  • In-vitro diagnosis
  • Bright-field and fluorescence microscopy
  • Training and education

The fields of “Microbiology“ and “Life Sciences“ frequently require analyzing samples under the microscope. Apart from transmitted light microscopy, various other methods such as phase contrast, and increasingly fluorescence imaging, are utilized for visualizing different cell structures. The analysis and interpretation of such large data volumes remains a time- and labor-intensive manual process. To address this issue, Fraunhofer IIS conducts research into new methods for segmenting and analyzing multimodal cell images. By relying on self-learning models, our technologies are capable of automatically adapting to new problems and issues.

“SCube®“ is the modular scanning solution for both bright-field microscopy and fluorescence microscopy to digitize and analyze tissue and body fluids from pathology, general laboratory medicine and biological applications. The open software development kit (SDK) allows an easy access to all functionalities of the system and makes it easy to integrate “SCube®“ into manufacturer-specific applications. urthermore, we are working on the detection of tumor cells for diagnosis, e.g. of lymph nodes, detection of malaria pathogens in blood smears or automated analysis of bone marrow cells for differential diagnosis of leukemia and malignant lymphomas. Focus of work is on development of algorithms for safe detection, segmentation and classification of cells as well as integration into microscopy systems that can be used in practice.

The cytological analysis of peripheral blood and bone marrow is the most important, and first step, in diagnosing anemia and other blood diseases such as lymph node cancer or leukemia. In this area, Fraunhofer IIS developed “HemaCAM®“, a system designed for generating differential blood counts in hematology laboratories.

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