Seit mehr als 25 Jahren arbeitet Audio und Medientechnologien im Bereich der Audiocodierung. Vom daraus resultierenden Wissen und der Erfahrung profitierten bereits mehr als 1000 Lizenznehmende, mehr als zehn Milliarden kommerzielle Produkte wurden ermöglicht.

Im Folgenden berichten einige Geschäftsmitwirkende von der Zusammenarbeit mit uns.

»Consumers choose the AUPEO! service because of the high performance audio quality and the personalized radio experience that is available on an increasing number of devices. Using Fraunhofer’s highly efficient HE-AAC v2 audio codec to deliver our streams, we can uphold that promise even for mobile listening.«

Holger G. Weiss, CEO

»Fraunhofer is the co-developer and innovation leader in AAC technology. Our customers will be very pleased to have the broadest range of AAC codecs available on our HiFi product family.«

Larry Przywara, Director of audio/voice IP marketing, Cadence

»Fraunhofer's reputation as a world leading source for audio coding technologies led us to license Fraunhofer CDK implementations of several MPEG audio codecs. We are impressed by the usability and portability of the CDK and were always able to rely on great cooperation and expert technical support.«

Jose T. de Sousa, Founder, President, CTO and CEO

»We are delighted to be working with Fraunhofer IIS in rolling out this exciting program. This new development will provide for the first time a comprehensive test suite that will provide full HE-AAC coverage and compliance validation for DVB receivers.«

Keith Potter, CEO of Digital TV Labs

»Fraunhofer's FDK AAC code provides a complete, high-quality audio solution to Android users. Fraunhofer does not only contribute codec code, but also the audio systems knowledge and profound experience as the primary AAC and MP3 inventor.«


»Fraunhofer Cingo and the HE-AAC 5.1 audio codec enable 'olleh tv mobile' to deliver premium content with the best possible audio quality to our customers, significantly enhancing their user experience as if they were in the cinema. Thanks to the EQ preset of Cingo our customers can select the optimal sound setting relevant to the content's genre, which is a remarkable improvement for the personal mobile TV experience. We are thrilled to work with the world renowned audio experts from Fraunhofer IIS and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.«

Min-kyu Park, Head of Mobile TV BU

»Our subscribers love to watch premium content on their mobile devices because we care about quality. Thanks to our collaboration with the world renowned audio experts at Fraunhofer and the integration of Cingo, our service now provides an excellent audio-visual experience at any location.«

Joon-Dong Park, LG U+, Head of Contents Business Division

»Fraunhofer’s expertise and dedication to innovation, as well as its flexible and efficient technology, will enable us to provide broadcasters with the technology they need to meet their listener’s expectations.«

Robert Orban, Orban’s VP/Chief Engineer

»Selecting Fraunhofer for our streaming encoders was a clear choice for Orban due to the company’s reputation in the industry for delivering the highest quality audio and multimedia solutions."«

Greg Ogonowski, VP Product Development

»Our customers have come to expect the highest quality wherever they are, and the addition of Fraunhofer Cingo represents our commitment towards innovation and continuous improvement of the user experience. Cingo is a true turning point for us as it will again increase the customer satisfaction by creating an intriguing sense of realism.«

Jin-Chae Lim, Head of Media Business Group at SK Broadband

»Fraunhofer has been pushing the technical boundaries for many years. The result of this research is a series of codecs of outstanding audio quality and performance. Fraunhofer is the leading research group in this field, and we are proud to work with them to develop the unique Pro-Codec plug-in.«

Rod Densham, Managing Director

»With Spotify, it's easy to find the right music for every moment - on your phone, your computer, your tablet and more. Fraunhofer is an ideal partner, helping us deliver great audio quality to our mobile users even under the most constrained network conditions.«


»During the almost 20 years of our joint Thomson-Fraunhofer mp3 license program, we have come to know Fraunhofer as a loyal, reliable business partner. Fraunhofer represents research at its finest - exceptionally smart, but very business oriented. It's always a pleasure working with them and we look forward to many more years as business partners.«

Rocky Caldwell, General Manager mp3 Licensing Technicolor

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